View of the Roman baths at the site called “Loutra”

Burial monument with three cist graves

View of Thouria’s plain

Mycenaean tholos tomb at Antheia (inside view)

The retaining wall 2
Ancient Thouria as a perioikos polis played a very important role in Messenia, as it was the most significant city of western Messenia and, after 369 B.C. when Messene was founded, the second in power city after Messene. For this reason, the sea area from the regions of Avia and Phares up to the outfalls of Pamisos River was called "Thouriates gulf". The excavation of ancient Thouria at the site called "Panagitsa", approximately 10km north-west of Kalamata, started in 2007 under the then Director of the 38th Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Messenia, Dr. Xeni Arapogianni and continues to the present day. In 2009 the excavation became "systematic" under the auspices of the Archaeological Society at Athens and under the same Director.
The financial support of the excavation of Ancient Thouria by individuals - friends of Ancient Thouria - or organizations can be realized via the Archaeological Society at Athens after communicating with the Director of the excavation, Dr. Xeni Arapogianni.