During the excavation that was conducted in 2017, in ancient Thouria, a significant part of the ancient theater was uncovered that had been located the previous year.

The excavation at the site called “Hellenica”, of ancient Thouria, brought to light the entire perimeter of the orchestra of the ancient theater, the diameter of which is 16,30m.

In addition, the drainage channel that encircles the orchestra was completely uncovered as well as the first row of seats that are located undisturbed in situ. (FIG. 83)

Behind the first row of seats the lower part of the hollow was uncovered, where large number of fallen architectural members from the overlying seats exists, among which many parts of intact seats. (FIG. 84)

On the south (right) side of the hollow five tiers of seats are preserved in total with large part of seats located in situ. (FIG. 85)

Of particular importance was the discovery of a part of the stage (skenotheke), on the north side of the theater, where three parallel stone grooves came to light in order to accommodate the wheels of the movable stage (anc. pegma). (FIG. 86)

Dr. Xeni Arapogianni

Director of the excavations of ancient Thouria

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