Society of Friends of Ancient Thouria

The splendid results of the archaeological investigations that are being carried out in the area of ancient Thouria and the uniqueness of the ancient city that seems to be preserved in its entirety are the two main reasons for which the promotion of the whole archaeological site of the area should be considered a priority. This will also contribute to the promotion of archaeological and historical research, as well as to the preservation of our cultural heritage in collaboration with the Director of the excavation and the public authorities responsible for a number of aspects related to this project.

The society’s objectives are the following:

1. To help the excavation works which are carried out under the auspices of the Archaeological Society at Athens.

2. To promote the excavations at the site and the restoration of the monuments of the ancient city.

To assist in the promotion of the whole archaeological site.

4. To support the historical and archaeological research.

5. To facilitate the education of specialized personnel for excavation, restoration and conservation of antiquities.

6. To find means for the accumulation, management and supply of funds for the preservation of the ancient monuments and in general the cultural heritage.

7. To promote the information regarding the need for the preservation of the ancient monuments and the archaeological site. For this reason, appropriate material will be available for educational purposes, informative campaigns on the archaeological site of Ancient Thouria will take place together with book publications, organization of cultural events and exhibitions and in general the promotion of the site and the excavation through the media in order to make it known to the public.

8. To sponsor, organize and manage activities and programs for the conservation and rescuing of ancient monuments and in general the cultural heritage of the archaeological site. Among these activities are included: pursuit of research, exchange between international institutions of researchers who specialize in subjects related to the protection of monuments and archaeological sites, students and other interested individuals.

9. The collaboration with the Greek State or other institutions with the aim to assure both moral and financial support in the efforts made for the protection of the ancient monuments, the cultural heritage in general and the archaeological site itself. Also, the promotion and support of any means (legal, financial, commercial) for the achievement of the above mentioned objectives. The above aims can be fulfilled by means of a variety of actions, such as the accumulation of revenues, sponsorships, the publishing of advertising printed material, the publishing of journals, books and any kind of printed or electronic material related to the above aims. Also, with the organization of special lectures, conferences, educational programs and exhibitions, announcements and similar events, the collaboration with various institutions, legal entities or private individuals who have objectives similar to those of the Association of the Friends of Ancient Thouria. Finally to the above actions should also be included various legal actions that may be deemed necessary such as negotiations, contracts, agreements, etc.

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